Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finding Joy in the Littlest Things

When we moved into our new home in January, one of the things that made me sad about leaving my old home, was that I was leaving behind my Pink Lady Slippers.  For those who don't know, Pink Lady Slippers are flowers in the orchid family.  They grow wild in wooded areas in our region.  They are notoriously hard to cultivate, so they are typically only seen in the wild.  They are also somewhat rare, being listed as endangered in many areas.  In our old home, I was always so excited to see them popping up and I would go on Lady Slipper treks through the property to see how many I could find.  I would drive Mike nuts making sure he didn't run over one with the tractor or the truck.  I LOVED the Lady Slipper time of year!!!

How excited was I when I noticed a Lady Slipper in my new front yard yesterday morning!!!  And this morning I found a second one!!!  Now that the rain of the last few days has stopped, I'm going to have to go on a Lady Slipper hunt.  Lady Slippers make me happy!

Here is a picture of one:

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