Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things are Moving Along

Well, our "pops" (aka the kid-cicles) arrived in Delhi on Friday, more than a day sooner than expected.  We were shocked they made it though customs as quickly as they did.  Surrogate profiles were in my email when I woke up Saturday morning and after much discussion we emailed Dr. S with our choice on Saturday evening.  Dr. S responded back that she would get the paperwork organized and that should be on it's way to us in the next day or so.

I was shocked at how strongly and quickly I became attached to the lovely Mrs. T.  Mike and I independently chose her as our first choice, but I was ready to fight for her before I knew who he had chosen.  Having our surrogate booked makes this seem so much more real.  And I can't stop looking at her picture.  I pull it up on my computer a dozen times a day to see her beautiful smile and it makes me happy.


  1. Maggie, I am sending babydust your way and hope Dr Shivani weaves her magic and your surro mummy takes care of the rest. Cant wait for further updates. All the best

  2. Oooooohhhh that's so exciting!!! So glad your icies made it there safe and sound.
    Funny thing about your surrogate's picture...we have a photo of our beautiful egg donor's profile on our wall at home and in my office so that we can look at her anytime too :)

  3. wow! that is so exciting. when are they planning the transfer?

    I look at my donor's picture 100 times a day too. :)

  4. Your transfer must be any day now...how exciting!!

  5. Fantastic, hope they get their frequent flyer miles logged ; )
    Best wishes for transfer date.